Conway Corporation funds are provided for Conway Corporation clients only. ​​​​ Priority is given to families with elderly, disabled, or children. ​​​​ 

Items needed to apply


  • Must​​ have entire Conway Corporation bill and​​ MUST​​ be in disconnect or shut-off status.


  • Must​​ provide proof of income for all household members 18 years or older.​​ 


  • If you have children and both parents do not live in the home you​​ MUST​​ provide​​ proof​​ or​​ lack​​ of child support from the Office of Child Support Enforcement.


  • If you or any member in your household receives benefits such as​​ SSI, Social Security, VA, Retirement/Pension​​ please provide current statement reflecting the benefit amount.


  • Must​​ have Social Security numbers and birthdates for all eligible household members.


  • Must​​ schedule an appointment. ​​ If you are unable to keep your appointment you must notify caseworker to reschedule at their earliest convenience. ​​ Failure to do so may affect eligibility.


CAPCA​​ will not​​ approve payment to any bills containing any of the following charges:

Pay-Per-View items or Tampering Charges.