Veggies For All Community Garden


In partnership with THV11 and United Way of Central Arkansas CAPCA operates the Veggies For All Community Garden.


Community members are encouraged to sign up to be a garden volunteer.  Garden volunteers are needed to help weed, water, and harvest the vegetables throughout the year.  Community members are also encouraged to visit our Food Pantry or suite 700 to take a sampling of the harvest home to enjoy!


  • This garden produces food to share.
  • When the produce is ready to pick, we will let you know with signs in the garden.
  • We ask that you only take what you need.
  • Excess food will be on our Veggies For All cart.
  • We are always looking for garden volunteers and would love your help.
  • Please feel free to borrow a compost bucket and fill it with egg shells, coffee grounds, veggie & fruit peels.
  • Our garden is a smoke free zone.
  • Our garden is a pesticide free zone.